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Melitina Staniouta from Belarus
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PostPosted: Sat, 5-Nov-2011 5:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

Her ribbon routine was my favorite choreography, but it wasn't her strongest. Perhaps in training she makes less mistakes with it? ^^; Who knows...
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PostPosted: Fri, 18-Nov-2011 18:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

An Interview with Melitina before her 18th Birthday, Nov 15, 2011

Melitina Stanyuta "Getting the Bronze medal in World Championship(Moscow 2010), I took a broken bone ..."

Prima Belarusian rymthmic gymnast on the day before age of 18 told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about her weaknesses, why she has her leg screwed up with iron pin and about where to spend the money earned.

Before the interview Melita arrived, shivering and sitting on the cold plastic chair at sports complex "Dynamo". She dressed in fashionable jacket, tight pants, flirty cap with rhinestones and with a spectacular Italian handbag - the beauty, that cannot take eyes off!

- Why are you hiding your age? Usually the "110 years" in social networks put women after 35. And you only 18! Shy of your youth?

- For some reason I remembered the page gymnasts in "Classmates." - ... (laughs) I'll be the woman after 35! When I checked in, the machine clicked on 110. And then I thought that then so was it. So for 110 years, I felt not bad to keep(laughs)!

It seems strange that some people believe Melita is cold and unapproachable. During the interview, smiles never left the face of the charismatic gymnast.

- I am not windy, laughing person, but, though cool, but not cold. I know only the family and friends - a disarming smilie gymnast whose life is painted on the clock: training, education, training again, interviews and competitions. Question about romantic dates, to 18 years old girl - makes no sense. After those training works if only to get to bed!

Even on her birthday,Melita is more common in speeches abroad. Last year, November 15, Spanish fans sang to the Belarusian grace "Happy Birthday!" Directly from the stands!

"After my sport career, I will make myself a gift - piercing the ears"

But on 18 age birthday, Melita will stay at home. Full of the holiday will not work - the night before she returns from Spain, and the next day fly to Italy to speak.

- Finally,15 November - a day off. But that is no excuse to miss a training session ... And celebrate later, when turned up a free Saturday: from friends, parents, and always with dancing - so you can be naughty (laughs).

I love to dance! The main thing that will be in good company: it's old friends, not from the gym. Those people who rarely see, but whom I love spending free time.

- What birthday present is the most memorable?

- Last year, my parents gave a very nice set of jewelry: a pendant, ring and earrings. Ring and pendant worn on holidays. But my ears had not pierced yet , so the earrings are still waiting the right timing.

- That's really true: you are cool! But the vast majority of the girls ran to their ears pierced on the same day!

- I decided that the puncture when completed career. It will be such a gift ... I already have some earrings - from Inna Zhukova (Belarus gymnast, Olympic silver medalist..) Now they, along with the gift from my parents will be waiting in the right timing

I wear rings rarely: in training need to be taken off, and I have every day for two out on the carpet. Get that every day three times put on a ring, then take off the same ... So I put on decorations for banquets!

Melita loves jewelery accessories very much, but she is much quicker to choose a new pair of shoes or a handbag.

- At the moment I prefer just shoes - with a smile, she explained. - Sometimes accidentally find a new pair of closet and think, "Oh, I would have such shoes! Need to put on them quickly, while not flown for the next competition! .. "I recently flew back in the morning from Japan and six in the morning I was waiting for the plane to Italy. In November I'll be at home only five days.

In Italy, Melita supports local club, and each time a new location.

- That north, south, Venice ... In contrast to the Belarusians, the Italians crazy in love with gymnastics. In every small town has its own club. They were always competing, and each club may invite any gymnast to speak for them . So I am constant in traveling ...

"Bone fracture suffered from fatigue"

In the world elite gymnastics, Melita came in 2009, then she won her first bronze medal at the World Championships. In the summer of 2010, the gymnast has won for Belarus two bronze world championship. And few people know how much her blood was given on these medals.

- I had a few injuries: and broke my finger, and leg and collarbone. But all that the fracture was the most difficult. Then, it was so ill and has to stop. I could not walk - only on high 12-cm heels. Doctors do not understand the problem: Stop or red or blue, with no trace of injury.

Later it turned out to break from fatigue. A broken bone in my speech with a ribbon at the World Championships in Moscow ... In the morning, the fourth day of performances. Jump, throw the tape and feel the crunch. In the heads of the thousands of thoughts: how to land, how to finish the exercise? .. There are still two choices, the doctors with huge eyes and an environment that is silent, saying that everything will be fine, nothing to show emotion ... I took the drugs, I became, even in all-around third place.

It seemed - all over torture, but no - urgently need to go to Japan to give up performance is impossible. I smiled and clenched my teeth, and again took third place.

Foto of Melitina's injured foot was after returning home: the foot broke off a piece of bone, which was moving and causing infernal pain. During the operation, the gymnast was put up iron pin into the foot ...

The restoration took several months. Worst of all getting the thought: "Suddenly, what if previous performance act could not be worked out? .."

- but I managed: I believe in my childhood fighting spirit, and this situation is more tempered. But the leg still hurts ...

Going to her 18 age -Melita has experienced so many emotions, many of which do not have time to feel and to live in life. -

It is true, there were experiences, and Medals, and the absence, and the trauma that was real test: I went to the gym, but could not speak, limped badly.
But finally known to my classmates and even we got to the prom! It is true that after training & late for a diploma class, in the shower room of the sports complex "Dynamo" you washed from head straight. Hair driers are already on the run ...

"Without the permission of the coach can not even change hair color"

- They say that gymnasts can easily find gentlemen. After the performance - at the reception, where are well-known officials and businessmen ...

- I'm picky in that sense, and legible. There are friends , but not my gentleman, with whom I have been quiet so far. I really accomplished much by their own effort, I am demanding to myself and others. My friends sometimes say, "It is even nearly impossible to surprise you!" And it's true.

- And what made you surprised the last time?

- Once I returned home after training, but there is a beautiful bouquet at the door. Next to the note from a mysterious admirer. That's surprised me!

.. And recently I was involved in the project Andrew Smolyak "Revived picture" - and Melita shows her photo: bright red color of the wig fervent transformed beyond recognition, this is Melita!

- Melita, red - this is your color, how did you come to this hairstyle!

- I cannot help but admire. - I have already talked about, but I would not dye, pretty sure. I have my own hair color, take this as it is. I have never in my life have my hair dyed : I have not yet come a time when I want something to change in appearance. Is that a little bit missing ...

- And if you want to change, you will need to consult with a coach?

- Absolutely! I remember not so long ago, our head coach - Irina Leparskaya comes into the hall - stared at me and exhales with relief: "I dreamed that you dyed a brunette! .. If I saw you today, a brunette, I would have nailed!

Now Melita is in the second position as individual gymnast. But the gymnast does not reject, remembering a favorite phrase of Marilyn Monroe about her career - it's great, but it does not at the harvest night, then there is the freeze ...

- When a young man interested in me, I think. But this has not happened. You know, sometimes we discuss guys with girlfriends. This occurs as the following dialogue.

- Look, what a handsome man is coming! - Admired my friend.
- Well, yes, nothing. But pretty much, and perhaps he has gained nothing, he took all from parents. Because after few years he and his look so ... - I answer.

- Okay, but this? - Friend was not retreating .
- And that terrible ...
- Well, here's one?
- Well, nothing, but I will not do - mumbler. One can see it now!

Yes, to please beauty with brain-iron character is not easy. It is understandable from an early age Melita used to do everything herself - and succeed and make money.

The first earnings received two years ago, but did not spend the money, put in the bank. Then another and another.

- Finally the money I bought a new laptop and a good phone. And now very properly invested my life savings, but what is it - I will not tell... Of course, I want to own a nice car, nice apartment. But, unfortunately, it does not. Basically, my salary is spent on leotards for performances. They cost up to one thousand five hundred dollars. And I love shopping too! When I see the regular black boots, immediately try to understand, "I will suffer without them or not .." To be honest, I would have bought up all the beautiful things, and shoes, and handbags, and dresses! But I stop myself, otherwise you can become shopaholics. I have clothes in the closet does not fit ...

"When the first questions are not about my famous great-grandmother, and about my services?"

- You are going to 18, 15 years of which you gave gymnastics. Do you remember the most difficult time?

- I was about the age 10 - when I need to make a choice: either you want to do next or say goodbye to the sport.
On the eve of my mother asked, "Think: whether you want to continue to do gymnastics?"
I do not even think: "I'm staying!"
What my mother said: "Then only try to blame me, I did not keep you from the hard life!"
Since then, many years have passed, but I never have that thought!

- very strange to look on your phrase in Internet page: "If you respond to everything they say about me, I have my whole life and I'll toss between the pedestal and visilitsey." It's not so rosy in the gymnasts field?

- Do not take everything literally. But at the same time, of course, enough of talking:
"... it is all so goes to different countries, it all so well, she is pretty, perhaps, a lot of fans, and lives in chocolate ..."
- "... and all she got famous because of her great-grandmother! "
- I do not remember who said it is very difficult to live with a certain name. Truth - 100%! Not so long ago, when I already had a stable result on the carpet, no interviews without: "And tell us about your grandmother!" Of course, I am glad to tell that my relatives have such people. But it was important to break the stereotype of those first questions. Really wanted to prove that Melita Stanyuta - I am not primarily a granddaughter of the great actress but a gymnast! And six months ago somewhere , a young reporter from the radio for the first time did not ask me questions about my genes.

I exclaimed to myself, "Wow!" For me it was a breakthrough: that was my own medal hung on my chest ...
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PostPosted: Fri, 18-Nov-2011 18:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

Head with thousands of thought of how to land on carpet

Holding the medal with Clenching teeth.
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PostPosted: Thu, 8-Mar-2012 18:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interview March 7, 2012

Melita Stanyuta: "Still not finished with the sport, not going to get married"

Regarding to the 18-year-old gymnast Melitina Stanyuta much has been written - and how she was with a broken foot took bronze world championship, and how not afraid to go back to the carpet, despite the screw and an iron needle inserted in her leg. But on the eve of International Women's Day, we decided to impose a taboo on the topic of sports, and talk to Melita about exclusively on girls’ talk: diet, blind dates, and the mysterious boyfriend. And this is what came of her.

Melitina Stanyuta
When and where born: November 15, 1993 in Minsk
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Education: undergraduate of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture
Career: member of the national team in rhythmic gymnastics team, three-time World Championships medalist, bronze in the individual and silver - in the team standings. Training in the Belarusian Sports Society "Dinamo" with Irina Leparskaya and Larissa Lukyanenko
Family: Dad Dmitry Aleksandrovich and Mom Inga Stanislavovna, journalists
Flavors: food - seafood, drink - Japanese wine, a book - "Gone with the Wind" by M. Mitchell

"The disco boys do not fit me – they scared"

- Melita, your colleagues in the same field often recognized that professional sport has brought them out of these traits - rational, tolerant, self-motivated. Are you by character closer to the nature of the weak half of humanity or you are strong?
- What you have described, this is just my case: I have no femininity softness , nor compromising, not easy-going, not gentle. Of course, with me, too, occasionally sentimental attacks occur then I would want to listen to snotty music and self pity,well I always blame myself for this - however, it is not frequent and passes quickly. I cry too, rarely, it is true, sometimes become hysterical. But I always try to convey my emotions at home, at there can be get the way out, pillow beating - and since six months at peace already.

- And what about the notorious love affairs? Most of the girls since kindergarten begin to dream about how one would go down the aisle with some of Artyom Vadik or older age group ...
- I've always been terribly not a fall in love type. In fact that I never romanticise strangers, once I see them in whole, with all faults and weaknesses - and after that close contact is often not desirable. In addition, quite often I notice that young people are afraid of me. Even at the disco, while my girlfriends & thier boyfriends already stuck together, I was dancing in splendid isolation. But the guys were so calm: one came - one left. Although I can not say that I suffer from a lack of attention.

This summer, with me at all has happened a story of the best version of typical Hollywood dramas: a young man saw me as I left the training hall, some roundabout way to learn where I live, and began to "bombard" me with flowers banquet putting a card with his initials. I already went through all the friends, but never thought of anyone with this initials. A few weeks later found a note in the next banquet of flowers with an invitation for a date. Go or not go: you never know in this life maniacs!

Well my mom, that this story seems to have held even more than me, told me to get to know who is the persistent. However, the continuation of this story did not have, and our first meeting was also the last. Frankly speaking, I doubt that when I would be mature for a serious relationship. At least, not until finishing with the sport – I will not considering to go to marry.

"In the Maldives, a single girl look like a white crow"

- About famous persons, people want to know everything: what they eat, what brand of clothing worn, with whom they talk to. And you never depressed from more attention pressure personally?
- I cannot say that it is so much higher attention. Although from time to time come across the network to discuss my personal life, especially after I flew alone on vacation in the Maldives and was carelessly to put some photos on my web page. Many people left instrusive remarks, saying that if she really was there alone, who is in this case, she was photographed - in fact I just installed on a ten-second auto camera function, and does not trip the shutter, quickly dived under some palm tree.

It should be noted that at the Maldives all come in pairs, so a single is bad fit in the local interior design, where each room - two beds, and in every soul - two cranes. Even when I order the juice at a local bar, I was asked again a hundred times: «Two?», They say, "Two servings?» «One!» - I corrected , and looked at me like a white crow. Despite this, the holiday turned out great: I was in the sea, under the sun and the seven days myself. Five years later, when I turn to go to "retire", I too will go somewhere completely alone, so you can calmly think about life and understand what I wanted to do next.

- Is it true that even there, on an island in the Indian Ocean, you were recognized by the Italian tourist?
- Yes, when abroad, I was recognized much more than at home.
I remember once I was walking in Spain at the mall, when suddenly out of the store, ran a makeup consultant girl and seized me in pain by the hand, asked: "Melitina?" Seeing that it's really me, she suddenly began to cry, saying: "Is it you? I cannot believe, cannot believe ... " In Belarus, nothing like this happen to me: we know you, you need to go out at once with ribbon or a hoop. (Laughs).

"I have to regulate(my diet) even the water" -
In one of the forums I read that Melita Stanyuta - this is one of the few athletes that not only pleasant to see, but also listen to ...
- Many people truly believe that the athletes - a twisted, and say they do not know how to communicate, and a book for the last time holding were back in elementary school. Of course, in sports as in life, it happens all: in our circles there is a story of a footballer, who scored a fantastic goal, but when journalists began to ask how he did it for a long time and thought and finally said, "Well, I was aiming, aiming - and scored. "

In fact, it is impossible to achieve great success, living alone a training room: Take any athlete from around the world - and behind him will certainly show up higher education, knowledge of several languages. By the way, recently I also passed my first session (Melita – undergraduate of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. ).

I studied mostly in airplanes, and while other girls were watching movies, I felt my joints and bones, trying to put into practice the knowledge gleaned from a textbook on anatomy. By the way, the exam is very helpful to me: I was shown a diagram of knee and asked to determine what kind of leg in question.
I felt myself furtively at my knee and said: "This is right." It turns out that's true.

- During the session, many students get better for a couple of pounds – to seize stress. Can you afford to eat chocolate before an exam?
- Unlike the other girls who can eat as many fruits and vegetables, I have to put control even the water. So I have to comply with the measure of all: if tea – one cup, if apple - that one, and it’s not talking about sugar, biscuits, cream, which I refused as a child. I never have dinner, sometimes I cannot sleep – as I'm hungry. But I promise myself that when I wake up, be sure to have a good breakfast - it's usually comforting.

- A strict diet, almost military discipline ... have you never give up yourself relax just to laugh, have some fun?
- Why not? Most recently, I was sitting at the computer at night, and corresponded with a friend. And then she proposed: "Let’s go to sculpt a snowman!" And here we go, two aged eighteen- aunties, two in the morning in a completely empty courtyard built a snowman. Such "madness" greatly decorated our life for long & with cheer ups.
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PostPosted: Thu, 8-Mar-2012 19:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lovely interview, thanks for sharing!
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PostPosted: Fri, 9-Mar-2012 0:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cathobbes thanks for share with us the interview , like said latvy6 really lovely
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PostPosted: Fri, 9-Mar-2012 7:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

andres wrote:
Cathobbes thanks for share with us the interview , like said latvy6 really lovely

Latvy6 & andres, I am glad you like it. My pleasure to share a little since I get a lot from this forum. Smile I found it most interesting about her blind date & recognisation from a Spanish fan Laughing
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PostPosted: Fri, 9-Mar-2012 7:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

cathobbes wrote:
andres wrote:
Cathobbes thanks for share with us the interview , like said latvy6 really lovely

Latvy6 & andres, I am glad you like it. My pleasure to share a little since I get a lot from this forum. Smile I found it most interesting about her blind date & recognisation from a Spanish fan Laughing

Yes, that blind date seemed interesting. If it were me I'd be scared of the stranger! But it sounds like people in Belarus don't recognize her in public while in Spain...ha! xD
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PostPosted: Fri, 9-Mar-2012 7:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

cathobbes wrote:
andres wrote:
Cathobbes thanks for share with us the interview , like said latvy6 really lovely

Latvy6 & andres, I am glad you like it. My pleasure to share a little since I get a lot from this forum. Smile I found it most interesting about her blind date & recognisation from a Spanish fan Laughing

Yes, that blind date seemed interesting. If it were me I'd be scared of the stranger! But it sounds like people in Belarus don't recognize her in public while in Spain...ha! xD[/quote

Even more scary not to clear the "unknown person" who knows your home address?! you don't know when he will send next instead of flowers one day he hates you. I'm sure Meli's mother will advise "protection" to the blind date.))
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PostPosted: Mon, 28-May-2012 11:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interview May 25, 2012

Have you heard? .. with Melitina Staniouta

Some people think that gymnastics, born about a hundred years ago, was not sport. Others believe that normal person would not spend every day for eight hours in the gym. Others do not believe in the sincerity of smiles from "artists." The correspondent of "SP" suggested the well-known Belarusian gymnast Melitina Stanyuta dispel any rumors.

1) Rhythmic gymnastics is not a sport, but rather an art.
- In principle, people who think so have a point. Everyone knows that gymnastics has occurred from this genre of art, like ballet. At the time, Isadora Duncan withdrew pointe shoes and stood on the toes. That's when everything was born. However, I am a hundred percent sure: what we are doing - it is a sport with elements of art and not vice versa. How much competition is held in rhythmic gymnastics, as every girl burns out, as we train? ..
Every day, we spend eight hours in the gym hall. Of course, gymnastics - it's not boxing or contact type of sports. But we have to fight with it. Believe me, all the girls who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, so sports character that they are!

2) In the rhythmic gymnastics tears more than joy?
- I even don’t know. However, at the time when you work the first steps, it is true. Of course, very soon everything is very interesting - a ball, rope,ribbon. And then the child is hooked on a string. There are pains and there are tears. Then, if the girl did not quit from gymnastics after stretching, she will take up the hoop, clubs. When, for example, club accidentally falls on your head, not easy to hold back the tears. If she goes on, then there are times when broken arm or leg. Another reason to cry.

Yes, it burns off a lot of nerves. Sometimes, they lied to themselves. Sometimes tears come from something unreal. In fact, this is normal But people far from our field, do not understand. Ask: Why are you crying, is there anything forced?

3) The level of gymnastics has grown rapidly over the last decade.
- That is true. The fact that so many strong trainers from the former Soviet Union and Bulgaria, dispersed across the globe. They went to work in America, South Africa and Asia. It turned out that if the epicenter had been in gymnastics Eastern Europe, now it is distributed throughout the world. Today you can find good gymnasts in the U.S., Japan, China and other countries.

4) At big tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics winners are known in advance.
- There are favoritism. But even Olympic champion could make mistakes. And if that happens, no one knows what will happen next. We need to deal with a very insidious things. The ribbon can be clinged, the ball - rolls away, the club - drops. And such an obvious blunder will bring the naught to all the predictions.

5) The judges are biased in rhythmic gymnastics.
- We are not fighting for the parameters, time, goals, or something else. We have a subjective sport like figure skating. Like I watch the guys skate, and sometimes I cannot understand why this couple won, not others whom in my opinion acted better, because there is unfairness ...

In my career happened reasons quarreling with the judges, but I try to be loyal. I understand that the sport is such a moment, first you work on your name, then it is for you. For example, the Olympic champion, making mistakes, can remain in the top three or even win. It was treated like normal. Sometimes, after her speech, I think, she cannot had done virtually everything better.
A judge will mark, and will keep scores. It turns out they are expecting me to something else. (Laughs.)

And maybe they think: she's only 18, still ahead. Of course, it is a shame, but such a grievance, I do not hold for long.

6) The gymnasts have to eat like a ballet dancer.
- Weight - a separate issue. All my life the issue I cannot refused . From chocolate to bread rolls from the bread, cakes ... It's just unreal. For example, I love chocolate. But there are times when you need to lose weight Reset a kilo or two. Then - all. "zipped" my mouth, and eat only two apples a day. Sometimes, I was even waking up from hunger at night.

But when the weight is dropped, you hold it a bit, and then everything - you can have. After working for eight hours in the hall, we spend a lot of energy. Of course, we are still hungry horses. (Laughs) But we need a little fuel. Performs at events during these starvng state is difficult, but necessary. In such cases, the doctor gives us some vitamins.

7) gymnasts have fake smiles.
- Not that fake ... you understand, you cannot always be in good spirits For example, you need to go to the gym, and you have sore - from head to toe. Or, again, you need to keep weight – in starving ... It should be a little off from the hall to take refresh.

I think that every gymnast must be not only communicate within the team, but also to communicate with other people. I am a positive person, Liubov Charkashina, too. But there are different moments. We need to try not to drive, and then we were already going gray, no nerve cells and all grinned.

8. In the rhythmic gymnastics rivals do not like each other.
- In the USSR, the girls even cut the ribbon to each other. But now other times. All this had passed. For example, we are friends with gymnasts from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. I think we have been established with mutual emotional and moral support. Imagine: going competition with the burdens of responsibility - as well as from your coach. And you could feel it. And it just happens to each of the competitors If we are to each other and build some kind of intrigues, it would be very bad.

9) Sports life in rhythmic gymnastics is very short.
- It's true, but we have been starting early. Already at the age of 16 become senior. At 24 in principle is the limit. In other sport do not bend your back, legs stretched, and do not exercise in such work load. I cannot imagine that the runners, throwers and jumpers spent eight hours in the gym.

Maybe the girl would have stayed longer in rhythmic gymnastics, but health is not permited. For example, I was 18 already had the iron pin inserted into the foot. I do not look into the distant future, now preparing for the Olympics in London. Of course, I want to speak at the Games in Rio in 2016. Well by then – I do not know yet. After all, I will have become old, 22 years old. (Laughs.)

10) To win in gymnastics, you must be able to cope with feelings.
- I agree. After extensive training had already developed a muscle memory. The process of implementation of elements close to automatic mode. Therefore, next is a very important role played by exposure. It happens unexpectedly stiff, it comes out any sore, and you think: how does it go to the site? This greatly confuses You need to have a warm heart, cool head and competition experience. That's when everything will turns out.

I like to feel the support of fans. But some new girls to the RG, confused by many viewers, they are afraid of full hall standing.

Therefore it is necessary, from early childhood to try to perform to a wider audience to get used to. Then the rhythmic gymnastics will bring joy, not stress.

11) The coach for gymnasts - the second mom.
- Yes, but we have a coach does not keep her pupil from the first lesson to the last. There are specialists for initial training. There are those who work with the youth team. And there are coaches work with you when you get to senior - you can tell, the highest level in rhythmic gymnastics. Indeed, I spend time with my mother not as much as them. It is 8 hours a day. But still need to sleep and get up to the hall.

12) All the gymnasts have artistic soul
- It must be. There are four exercises. So, four different images. You should try to do all so that the audience are interested to watch on you. To me, to Liubov, or Russian team of girls from all songs are very diverse. Not only that one and a half minutes to do all the elements – at the same time must also convey the character of your exercise, music, your feelings.

Unfortunately, in RG there are too many elements and too little time for all implementation. Need the time to bring everything. Even when entering and leaving carpet,she need to create a good impression. Without the artistry of gymnastics is impossible to win, because for the artistry , we have a separate evaluation.

13) To train so much - that is madness.
- It is so. (Laughs.) Sometimes, looking at me, as crazy fanatic. Again, nowhere in making great sport career if do not train so much. But we must realize that we are working on coordination, agility, flexibility, stability, rotation ... should all keep in shape. If you get plenty of rest, to train for two hours a day - just do not have enough time to do it. But people still understand me When reading about my results and abilities, they begin to think that, apparently, not in vain because Melita sprayed in the gym hall.

Yes, maybe it's a little bit crazy. But medals from World and European championships, the title of master of sports of international class – it tells about something.

14) Every famous gymnasts have their own special storage for stuffed animals.
- (Laughs) Yes, we often receive toys throwing from the stands. We give toys to our relatives or in orphanages. And I have a warehouse for the medals. I can tell you a secret that my room has a wardrobe in which to store all my jewels - three boxes. So I keep metals too. Maybe it even more than the soft friends.

15) After a foot injury Stanyuta survived, and not the fact that returns to her former level.
- Maybe I'll be even better. Never in my life looking for easy ways. I constantly going through some thorns to reach the stars. In 2010 appeared at the World Cup with a fragment of bone in the foot. Then there was the operation, after which I went back to gymnastics. Now here is the second stop ... Maybe I should give up all? This is my favorite idea - to break the foot. (Laughs).

Just to go through these tests , some people might get better, and some other people - give up. Of course, one could quit. But I know that if I do so, then I will very much regret. I generally is a very ambitious girl. I'm sure if I desire for somthing, I will achieve it. And RG is not different. Now I have to hold on.

As long as I have the nerves the desire, so I will refute all this latest rumors.

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Thanks for this interesting stuff,i like the way she thinks Smile
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Interview of Melitina & interesting childhood stories from her first coach Svetlana Burdzevitskaya Oct 27, 2012. Angel

Melitina Stanyuta: to live in the world of competition and struggle

This girl - the present and future of the Belarusian Gymnastics. In 2010, at age of 17 Melitina Stanyuta won the "bronze" in World Championship All-round.
Then there was a serious injury, she returned to the elite, dozens of medals and went to the Olympics in London. The road of gymnastics is not strewn with rose petals, but Melitina never gives up and always believes in the best.

Recently she returned from Italy, where she participated in club competitions, with a conversation about who started the conversation correspondent "joint venture" with a talented gymnast:

- Club competition starting always brings joy. But for me the more important success was the bronze medal in the all-around at the AEON Cup. In Japan, there were more participants than the victory tournament in Italy, and a higher level of competition. Though any victory is pleasant, but the "bronze" in Japan ranked higher.

- Everyone is used to the fact that during the awards ceremony is the Russian national anthem, and in Italy rang Belarusian. Standing on the podium, you had any special feelings?
- I am often asked about the experience, which, in fact, not. Feelings appear, at the most some three hours. Peak is the joy comes the next day morning. When I was handed a medal, immediately there was cheering up, even in spite of fatigue and impatience to get home.

- It seems that you go out on top form in the autumn ...
- No. Optimum form was during the main season start, but now I perform not worse than before. Even after the holidays, has been keeping a good shape because of great work . Maybe inside become more calmful.

- Long time you have been plagued with injury. Now you feel good? ..
- Yes. I did not worry much, except for long-standing problems with the feet, to what have become accustomed Man adapts to everything, including personal injury. Unpleasant, but take this calmly. Still, train and foot is not in a cast.

- It was a difficult season. What did you learn?
- Always get something new, learn something. If a year passes unnoticed and gray, it's sad. Must constantly to live in a world of struggle and competition, step on my throat, tolerate frustration, in order to win.

- Do gymnasts have crazy pace of life.laziness do not survive ...
- I agree. Every day we work in the room for eight hours, so the lazy time is almost gone. Many studies in parallel, want to see something else besides the sports complex "Dynamo". This way of life helps us achieve our goals. This is better than inaction, then lying on the couch will not achieve results. And my day is written by minute. If the pace cannot be that all work done will be in vain.

- London OG was a difficult test for you ...
– The Olympics - this is a test to any athletes. At the World Championship we played five days, and only three in London, but they were enough in psychologically give everything a hundred percent. The name "Olympics" is a surge of adrenaline. This is a rewarding experience, increase the spirit of sport. It can put into my autobiography a fat tick - I survived this test. All my efforts were focused on two words - the Olympic Games.

- Many athletes are divided career into stages according to the Olympic games ...
- I have smaller segments: World Champ 2009, World Champ 2010, EC in Minsk, the Olympics ...

- Is it true that you never give up?
- In life - yes. If you take my case, it can already no longer remain. It's in my nature. I am very sensitive to words. If I promise something, even to myself, I go until the end. Sometimes I could not success, very tired, but do not retreat myself

- What is more important: winning medals or recognition of the fans?
- They are two sides of one coin - sporting success. You can be a favorite of the audience, but take place 12-13. You drop things, but you still be loved - a consolation for the weak. The second scenario. Awarded the Medal to you, but fans do not like your performance. There is a feeling that the judges pulled over her ears.(gymnast was under favoritism by the judges)

- Olympic Game is over, it was the turn of new challenges ...
- We must always go forward - the new season, the rules of the program, the rank. Sometimes it is useful to look back, but not for long.

- In your life, any new interests, hobbies?
- I go to driving school. The more I began to think about to drive the car, the more that exasperate problems with the feet. While there are so many men, opposed girls sat behind the wheel. I understand that they like to look at the girl, who is across the road. If they tried to walk all day in heels, they would be more supportive.

- You read books during flight time?
- Recently read "Three Comrades" Remarque. Now is fascinated "Catcher in the Rye" by Jerome Salinger. Realized that we needed to fill the gaps in knowledge of classical literature. I even made a list of books that need to be read.

- Now you have to participate in regular club competitions in Italy ...
- Yes. Four of the tournament with the same opponents, but now representing their clubs. This is the case when you do not have medals, but get the recognition of the fans.

Svetlana Burdzevitskaya: not a moment rest

To learn even more about Melita Staniouta ,"SP" has decided to talk to her first coach - Svetlana Burdzevitskaya who told many interesting stories from childhood grace:

- If you start from the beginning, this year I am 45. I am an old gymnastics coach in the country. Increasingly, I think that it is time to leave, but Melita Stanyuta once said that I can not leave. We promised each other that we will hold on to the Olympic Games in London. After finishing, she assured me that I need to work on. It is unlikely that I will be able to hang on to Rio 2016, and I wish her all, and most importantly of all – healthy to perform in four years.

- What was she like as a child?

- Melita is very talented. All coaches are looking for gymnastics girls whose legs grow from the ears, but most importantly - with a bright head. In this sense she was the golden child. Why? Because her parents were working with her. They drove her in trainings, learned to read, write and draw. In four years, Melita began to comprehend the basics of English, French. When she came into my room, she does not need to be told twice, she immediately understood. One day, she did not realize it, sat on the string, but usually girls have to stretch, and it's a pain and tears. Melita did not have to go through this, she has so elastic muscles and ligaments. She was not harmony, but was emotional, open. We talked to her mother, we agreed to show Melita in rhythmic gymnastics competition. They came and sat down on the ground. She put her head down and her mother slept till the end ... all performances. We were good friends - I, Melita and her mother. Her parents trusted me completely. Later we traveled a lot together around the world. I have two children, and Melita was like a third child.

Our first meeting was unusual. Something promote passed from fans rooting for the SK "Dynamo" on the balcony, and seen by the nearby mother and daughter. They went to our school. Stopped, looked at the window. These movements were a lot of uncertainty, so I thought that the second time they would not come here. I ran down the stairs, opened the door and greeted them. Although by the time I recruited a group, promised her that we will have time to catch up with the rest. Despite the fact that Melita came later and all for nothing that this event brought us together.

She was a real gymnast and gained a friend for life - Agatha Korobko.

- Always meet most pupils?
- Yes. Once in the bus came up to me a beautiful girl and said, "Hi, you remember me? My name is Olga. " I did not recognize her. In my memory, they are quite small The same Valeria Korostelev Lera Kuril.

- As a child, Melita was as purposeful as she is now?
- I'll tell you a story. One day we went to the school of TV. "To whom?" - I thought. Only then realized that the reason was the great-granddaughter Stephanie Stanyuta Melita was only ten years old, she grew up and became more like a gymnast. I told her what words to say to the camera. She nodded, but during the interview suddenly said: "I want to be famous.". I was frozen in place. That's the nature of a little girl! She withstood so much misery! That is the fracture of the foot At 17, she boarded a train and went to Moscow for the operation. For health problems, and she had to go back again a month later But she did not back down. Melita - a hard worker. Even now, when you can relax a bit, she flew to the competition in Italy. No rest - this is her motto.

- What is the case do you remember most about her participation?
- It was at the Sports Palace on "The show stars of the world of gymnastics." Five-year old Melita was made the leader on stage. In one hand she held a microphone, and the second hand- a girl. Suddenly, sound engineer turned on the music of her room - "The bird of happiness." Having emerged from the embrace, she ran around the room in the dark, and when the lights came up, began to run the program with the element that had to be done according to the composition. As a five-year girl was able to follow the program! At this time, I ran backstage and screamed to stop the music.

One day I was invited to the Czech Republic on the demonstrations Since Melita was my best student, I took her with me. As a child, she was able to lift her leg up and hold it without using her hands. Then it was her favorite exercise. After the competition in Brno we were standing at the bus stop and waited for the bus. I held her hand as she quietly lifted a leg. A woman was walking by and saw her and gave her a white and orange umbrella in a cage. She was delighted - the woman never seen anything like that. Melita learned quickly. And in 11 years, she went to Larissa Lukyanenko.

- Work as the first coach usually remains in the shadows. What brings you joy?
- Progress of pupils. Although I am a children's coach, I have the medals, diplomas. Soon move into seniors Kadobina Masha, Lena Wetlands, Kate Galkina and Xenia Cheldyshkina. For a year, older Arina Sharapa has been playing as senior. Of these five, two girls are my pupils - Arina and Masha. Here it is - happiness of coaching. Now I have a five year old girl. No one knows, but I believe that she will succeed. From the height of my long experience seeing how perfect her face, the proportions of the body and feet. Of course, it is necessary to work for years, but she's not scary, in contrast, gives strength. The development of Melita always gone quickly. Her first routine was "Bird of Happiness", which as a child she danced in the school for her mother. Melita then transformed into a cosmonaut The next step - "dedicated to the famous great-grandmother." And here she is a master. With this program, she appeared on the "Slavic Bazaar". Our latest creation was the anthem of Isadora Duncan - the founder of rhythmic gymnastics. Once removed the dancer Isadora shoes, she stood on tiptoes and reached for the sky. Thus she was born in sport

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Recently, she has improved her pivots, also!
Bounce Bounce Bounce
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Thankyou for relating the interviews. An interesting strong character.
Diplomatic though she is in the interviews, she can't quite hide that she knows she is hard done by in recent competitions. If you saw her there...
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8 MAY 2013

Melitina Stanyuta: Can fight with Russians and should be!

- Melitina,in the London Olympic Games has shown that leadership in rhythmic gymnastics - is Russian.You recently led the international rating list in the individual all-around. Can we hope that Belarus in the sport be able to press Russia which has vast reserves of gymnasts?
- In my opinion, yes. It is not the first time after the competition, I come back with silver or bronze medals, but also gold. I think it means something. That is you can fight with Russians, Liubov Cherkashina already proved.

- After the Olympics, the recognized leaders of the RG world Evgenia Kanaeva and Daria Dmitrieva had completed the career.The leader postiion, apparently is vacant. Do you feel the strength to take it?
- From psychological point of view, I'm fine: there is no fear or nervous trembling. However, I never thought about how to become the best. For athletes it is bad. During the performance, and so worried. Status of the best involves an increased level of responsibility.

- In the summer of 2010 you had to perform with an injury: in the competition with a piece of broken off bone in the foot. Now how is that leg?
- After surgery, it was inserted with an iron pin. I coul feel the iron pin. The discomfort is felt all the times, but I try to be distracted. Now it is not so such pain as it was before the operation. If it hurts just stop - so I feel good.

- Despite the pain, you have managed to complete the performance and take the "bronze" in the all-around. Character - from parents?
- I has been in the sport since three years old. In sport it strenthens myself, teaches independence and responsibility. When being asked, "Why are you late to the gym? I answered myself without relying on that my mother would cover.

Coach said I was crazy in gymnastics: prepare to run with a broken leg. Maybe the nature of my grandmother - Stephanie, who has long been a demanding actress. They stopped inviting her to the shooting. Then she was waiting. Only her under the old age, when her other 80’s girlfriend could hardly walked, she once again became a star on screen.

Sense of beauty

- There is a view: professional performance is the one that is accompanied by a relaxed smile ...
- We are not required to smile constantly. However, after the end of the program lips stretched themselves. On some photos I was captured with a forced smile. It happens - tired, or some kind of problem, and asked to be photographed. It's great and very nice, but sometimes it turns out slightly unnatural ...

- You said, in Belarus, the gymnasts are rarely asked about the joint photo: do not know –just different to abroad.
- I often give master classes in Italy, Spain and the United States. For example, in Italy, RG – is something special. The Italians, there is a kind of separation: for boys - football, girls - rhythmic gymnastics. In every small city of the country has its own school, gymnastics championships have been held among the clubs. There are, as in football, Series A, Series B ... Why it can be in Italy, and we have - no?

Are they better developed sense of beauty than the Belarusians? In our country - rich in sports tradition. I do not remember any one event to the Belarusian team returned without medals.

- How to grow the love for gymnastics in Belarusian?
- My job is an athlete- showing the result, bring medals. It's a shame that my sport is not popular. Sometimes is outraged: spend in the room for eight hours a day, and the feeling that it is a necessary to nobody. I often think of the story that I was returning home after the victory competition, a stranger saw my hoop in the bag and helped to carry ... Since then, I stand on the fact that the gym should be promoted. I want more and more people to learn bout it.


- In eight hours of training - particularly difficult, if so spend every day. When it comes to fatigue and a desire to quit, how to motivate yourself?
- I think it's in my crazy ambition. I want to accomplish a lot, and above all - for our sport. It happened like this: start talking to me, asking what I was doing. I am responsible. Start talking about the parallel bars, rings ... Why is that? Why do people have with the word gymnastics there are associations "sports"(AG) and not "art" (RG)? Once, I even told something like, "You think about it, you are there seeing dancing with ribbons ..."

- Gymnastic career usually finish early. What do you plan to do after?
- May become a coach or judge. Maybe, I'll try to get into the International Federation of Gymnastics Belarus. Can you imagine, we do not have a representative there. I will be going to dress in jacket & skirt ...

Alternative: work as a sport agent. Work on media of information, that there is such a sport. It attracts me the most. The traditions of the Belarusian gymnastic will continue, it means that someone has to be the PR.

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